andreas gefeller



Andreas Gefeller, Swimming Pool, Atlas Gallery.jpg

Untitled (Swimming Pool)

Dusseldorf, 2008

Lightjet print
Mounted to aluminium

88.9 x 66.9 inches (225.8 x 170 cm)

In the works of Düsseldorf photographer Andreas Gefeller, architectural landscapes are portrayed with blinding light, representing an allegory of today’s fast-moving and overstimulated society. His photographs also offer a manipulation of space – often from above, walking inch-by-inch across parking lots and golf courses, Gefeller amasses hundreds of high-resolution photographs of the ground. He stitches these images together into single, large-scale composites, providing a view of the ground beneath his feet so intensely detailed that it appears abstract. When seen from above, water could be the surface of skin under a microscope, fuzzy static, snow or marble. A turquoise-and-white textured expanse, crisscrossed by an intricate black grid appears alien, but is in fact the familiar pattern of a tiled swimming pool, seen from a totally unfamiliar angle.


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