ZURiCH, Switzerland

The gallery Bildhalle, founded by Mirjam Cavegn in 2013, deliberately takes on the responsibility of a long-standing Swiss tradition regarding photography and its distribution as an artistic medium. Thus, it represents outstanding classic and contemporary positions with the necessary consequence. In the interplay between selected established photographers of the 20th Century and those of a younger generation that aims to keep extending the medium, Mirjam Cavegn shapes an ambitious gallery program with the objective to positively influence the reception and recognition of artistic photography through solo and group exhibitions as well as international art fair participations.

artists on show


Meiji Shrine

Werner Bischof

Zurich, Zwitserland



Albarrán Cabrera

Barcelona, Spain


The Eye of Love_Sitting nude_1952_no.521

René Groebli

Zurich, Switzerland


Ali Fist black - London 1966

Thomas Hoepker

Munchen, Germany