bruno v. roels




Fake Billboards #7

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Bruno V. Roels (Belgium, 1976) considers the act of developing and printing analogue photography as important as the act of photographing itself. His artistic practice is characterized by a conceptual approach towards photographic reality, repetition and variation. By means of manual interventions, he frees himself artistically from photographic rules and conventions. In his darkroom he experiments with analogue photographic techniques and uses the reproducible quality of the photographic process to create multiple variations on one negative, which he brings together in one unique composition.

Recently, Roels’ practice shifted towards works composed of single, double or triple larger sized prints on which he intervenes in a more dominant way in the subject matter by applying mixed media, especially black Indian ink. By doing so, he alters his prints, often creating surreal constructions in a very graphic and rhythmic way. Iconographically, Roels remains faithful to the widely recognizable symbols of palm trees and pyramids.


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