carla van de puttelaar


The Netherlands

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The photography of Carla van de Puttelaar allows the eye to study the skin in many different ways. Through her lens, she makes the viewer aware of the sensitivity and the sensuality of skin, which she examines in detail, at the same time fully aware of the sculptural aspects of the female body. In her nudes, she wants to emphasise personality, vulnerability and intimate eroticism, while also keeping a certain distance and, sometimes, creating alienation. In recent years, with the aid of her camera, she has successfully begun to examine the skin and texture of flowers and trees. In them, she has discovered the same fascinating sensitivity and sensuality as in her female models.

Van de Puttelaar has been developing in her photography a large secret night garden of an almost otherworldly quality, just like her models often appear to be. Natural light is one of her most important tools and assets. She allows it to play around with her subjects and then catches it at its most seductive moment, and from that moment on, it is captured for eternity.

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