Haute Photographie Rotterdam 2019 is greatly supported by:




Started as a wholesaler in aluminum frames, Frame Products, driven by a special passion for art and the craftsmanship of framing, has grown into a versatile framing company. They have access to a modern and complete machine park, a very experienced and expert team, which enables them to respond well to the most divergent wishes of the customer. Frame Products is known for its high-quality (innovative) framing work at an excellent price and fast delivery. Their products find their way to a large diversity of customers, including many artists, galleries, museums and companies at home and abroad.



In 2003, two friends told each other “it can be done better!” and scraped together a few thousand Euros and a whole lot of determination. They founded fritz-kola in a student residence in Hamburg-Othmarschen with the mission to create a kola better than anything the big soda companies had to offer. No sooner said than done.

At fritz-kola they make no compromises because quality really matters to them. That´s why they prefer to work with family and owner-managed businesses. Fritz-Kola believes that building relationships is beneficial to their community and ultimately leaves a better taste in your mouth.



A desired dream, an unpolished plan, a high-end event or a detailed project plan ... LP2 always finds the way to bring out a good idea even better. The power of LP2's space is enormous, the audience's experience is intense. Exhibitions and fairs are at their best, concerts sound better, festivals and art projects are deepened, congresses and symposia receive more attention. But equally important: LP2 gives space to ideas.


MADS Nørgaard

At Mads Norgaard-Copenhagen we are deeply in love with fashion and with the changing of the times. However we also find that the western world is moving a little too fast at times. To help slow everything down a bit, we are also in love with those fashionable items that just don’t change. When we create our new collections season after season, you should always expect a core of classics as our fashion point of departure.
What you wear should support you in your ways and beliefs. - Mads Nørgaard


marie-stella maris

Through a collaboration with GUP Magazine Marie-Stella-Maris would like to raise awareness for her social purpose; ‘Clean water voor everyone  everywhere'. Various talented art photographers are invited to shoot documentary images and autonomous work, whilst visiting one of the clean drinking water projects supported by Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation.

Portrait and documentary photographer Linelle Deunk was the first to visit one of our the clean drinking water projects. She visited the project ‘Water for Mukono’ in Uganda and came back with an interesting series of black and white portraits and landscapes.


Nederlands Fotomuseum

The Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam is the leading national museum of photography in the Netherlands. It has an impressive collection of 5.5 million photographic images and exhibits every facet of photography: documentary and experimental, contemporary and historical. In addition to exhibitions featuring major names in Dutch and international photography, the museum regularly presents work from its in-house collection. The collection comprises an important part of the Netherlands’ visual heritage.



Roader is an all-round art handling transport company specialized in moving valuables.


the final art print

René Bierman, founder and owner of The Final Art Print in Bussum, The Netherlands, has worked for 25 years in a creative environment. During the last 15 years, René has been the digital fine art printer of choice for leading photographers, illustrators and artists in both The Netherlands and abroad. His clients remain loyal once they witness his dedicated working methods that differ from most professional labs and other fine art printmakers, René takes great pride in both process and end result.