harry gruyaert




France, Fort-Mahon

Archival pigment print, printed later
Size 24 x 36 cm
Edition of 8

The unique visual language of Paris-based photographer Harry Gruyaert is characterised by a cinematographic way of framing and a sensitive treatment of colour, form and light. In the second half of the 1970s Gruyaert committed himself, as one of the first photographers in Europe, entirely to colour photography.

Rather than telling stories or documenting the world through his lens, he searches for beauty in everyday elements. His images are simply snapshots of magical moments in which different visual elements spontaneously come together in front of his lens. His bold, saturated tonalities are autonomous elements that grant structure and depth to the composition. In his search for strong graphical images, Gruyaert focuses his camera on objects as much as on people, who are often reduced to silhouettes or rendered to plain colour fields.

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