inka & Niclas


1985 & 1984
Finland & Sweden

Inka and Niklas  Dorothée_Nilsson_4K_Ultra_HD_II_2018®.JPG

Ultra 4K HD II

Archival pigment print
120 x 160 cm

Inka and Niclas Lindergård are an awarded artist duo based in Stockholm. Since 2007, Inka and Niclas have been exploring how the constant stream of landscape images, the act of photography and the intersections between photographic­ and physical realities, influence us. In 2012, they published their first book Watching Humans Watching (Kehrer Verlag), which won the Swedish Photo Book Prize. Their latest book The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth (Kerber Verlag) won the Swedish Book Art award 2016.

The artist duo travels together, seeking places to continue their practice of creating a different representation of nature, using the photographic image to capture their landscapes. Integral to their practice is the wish to consider what it is in a sunset over an ocean or the view of a mountain range that is so emotionally spellbinding and continues to fill us with awe? What is it that drives us to go out there and collect these images over and over again. Inka & Niclas’ practice evolves around an exploration of the different components that constitute the powerful psychological effects of different natural phenomena and landscapes.

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