jitske schols


The Netherlands



From: Songs voor soprano, 2018
Inkjet on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Framed in uncoated nut wood Museum glass
120 x 80 cm Edition 5 + 2 AP
60 x 40 cm Edition 5 + 2 AP

In the series Songs for soprano, etude #1, Jitske Schols makes an imaginary journey back to the 19th century and visits the estate of Ewijckshoeve in Lage Vuursche. Schols grew up on this estate and enjoyed a happy and peaceful youth surrounded by nature, not being aware that this place formed the backdrop for a tragedy that happened a century earlier.

Jitske Schols’ work consists of landscapes and portraits, often in a distinctive black and white style, characterised by their contrast. Her sometimes abrasive portraits are often photographed at a serene or vulnerable moment and show the playful interaction that can occur between model and photographer.. Her photos seem to refer to the black and white portraits of yesteryear, although all shot digitally.

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