kacper kowalski





Pigment print mounted to aluminium
105 x 70 cm
Edition of 5

Kacper Kowalski is a graduate of the Technical University of Gdańsk, where he studied architecture. After having worked in architecture for four years, he devoted himself entirely to flying and photography. Both as a pilot and a photographer, he takes aerial pictures of natural and urban environments of his native Poland. Kowalski brings a radically different approach with his poetic winter landscapes shot from a gyrocopter at the constant height of 300 meters above ground, every day after the falling of fresh snow.

The resulting works offer intriguing glimpses of partially erased landscapes. Within their white expanse, visual clues of human activity – agricultural structures, helipads, railways – are partially visible, though not immediately recognisable. The images, in their simplicity, invite contemplation on mankind’s impact on the environment, as well as being a meditation on loneliness, and perhaps the ultimate fragility of human existence.

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