katrien de blauwer




Love me tender 135

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Katrien De Blauwer calls herself a "photographer without a camera". She collects and recycles pictures and photos from old magazines and papers. Her work brings to mind the procedures of photomontage or film editing, the cut being used as a frame that marks the essential. It is, at the same time, intimate, directly corresponding with our unconscious, and anonymous thanks to the use of found images and body parts that have been cut away. This way, her personal history becomes the history of everyone. 

 The collage effects a kind of universalisation, emphasising the impossibility to identify with a single individual, yet allowing to recognise oneself in the story. The artist becomes a neutral intermediary: without being the author of the photographs, she appropriates and integrates them into her own interior world, a world she’s revealing in third person.

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