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Laura Hospes started capturing her own self with the camera since the age of 16, out of the need to connect with people. Her work is called an ego-document: she documents her own life. She took self-portraits while suffering from an eating disorder, while being admitted to a psychiatric ward after a suicide attempt, while injuring herself and undergoing a skin-transplantation. In 2017 she documented her turning point: she was responsible for her younger sister at a trip to Canada and therefore she had to care about herself.

In 2015 she was named grant winner of the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards. She graduated “With Honor” at the Photoacademy in Amsterdam in 2016. After that she won several grants, such as Jacob Riis Documentary Award, Young Masters Art Prize, Zilveren Camera and Prix de la Photographie. Her work is shown both home and abroad on fairs and exhibitions, such as San Fransisco, Venice, New York, Amsterdam (Stedelijk Museum), London, Arles, Paris and Berlin.

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