MC2Gallery opened in 2009 in Milan by an idea of Claudio Composti (Art Director) and Vincenzo Maccarone, Collector and Owner of MC2Gallery. In 2018 the gallery changed the headquarters to Lustica Bay, Montenegro, but it is still present in Milan. The gallery name take spark from Einstein theory E=MC2, in other words the synergy with whom we create and share the Culture.

The gallery has always been very close to the Photo field, but it is not prevent in considering other artistic paths, such as painting, video art and the sculpture. MC2Gallery is a reference point in Italy and in Montenegro by now, either for well-known International master of photography, photographers exhibitions or for the scouting and promotion of young rising photographers.

artists on show


Portrait Le go Eun

Julia Fullerton-

Brema, Germany


At end of world_03

Liu Xiaofang

Datong City, China