Niko Luoma_Systematic collapse R to B.jpg

Systematic collapse R to B

Systematic Collapse, R to B, 2013From the series ‘Variations On A Standard Of Space, 2013’

Archival pigment print
Signed, titled, numbered and dated on artist’s certificate

Edition of 6
146 x 120 cm

Niko Luoma is one of the most celebrated amongst the Helsinki School of Photography. His monumental works are highly unique, being visual records of their own creation and capturing both the scientific and unexpected nature of photography. In essence, Luoma’s focus on the process of creating a photograph becomes the very content of his work. By using an analogue technique, he exposes a negative to single lines of light hundreds and in some cases, thousands of times.

“My work is about reduction and repetition, layering ideas of systems and chance. Ultimately my core interest lies not in the front of the camera, but inside of it where the exposure becomes a content.”

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