Satijn Panyigay


The Netherlands



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Satijn Panyigay photographs the emptiness and silence of abandoned interiors, and by doing this, brings the present and the absent together. She finds comfort and recognition in daily objects and she cares for the mystic vibe that light and shadows create in architectural environments. The way light enters a room, touches - or nearly touches - an object, and how you can freeze moments in time, is what draws her to photography. Panyigay’s photographs give room for contemplation. They often don’t scream for your attention, but the soft colours and contrasts lure you in quietly.

 (Satijn Panyigay has participated in exhibitions at, amongst others, Fotomuseum Den Haag, Museum Tot Zover (Amsterdam), Villa Mondriaan (Winterswijk), and art fairs such as Art Rotterdam, Art Amsterdam, Unseen Photo Fair and Amsterdam Art Fair. Her first solo-exhibition was Paradise|wasteland at Van Krimpen Gallery (Amsterdam) in 2012.)

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