The Ravestijn Gallery

amsterdam, the netherlands

The Ravestijn Gallery was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 by Jasper Bode and Narda Van ‘t Veer with a focus on inquisitive and provocative approaches to contemporary photography.

Bode and Van ‘t Veer respectively bring together several decades of experience curating photography exhibitions and representing a diverse group of photographic talents in the Netherlands and abroad. The gallery showcases several exhibitions a year aimed at exploring new perspectives for photography in all its forms and showing ambitious international works. In addition to its exhibition program and participation in international photography fairs, the gallery holds an expansive collection of photography on site and gathers pictures from the twentieth century and other contemporary photographs.

artists on show


Bleu Blanc Rouge no.21 2017

Christopher Anderson



Disassembly 6, 2013




Channon, 2013

Mona Kuhn

São Paulo, Brazil